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Map with obstacles

Adrenaline, thrill and rage

Dodge the blades in the game and run as far as you can while overcoming different obstacles. Danger, adrenaline, psychedelic music and your run to infinity. The game offers a training mode where you can learn to master the map, as well as battles with other online players where you claim your fame. Everyone trains to dominate so be prepared! Master the map, enter the battle and climb the ranks!

Be the world’s No. 1

Build your rank and earn your reputation. Every player has his own rank that changes after every game and is visible during gameplay to your opponent as proof of your mastery. Winning or losing a match can gain or cost you a rank, which then determines matchmaking in the following games and gives you access to some special rewards later on so make sure you’re ready in every single game you play!

There are 20 regular ranks and an extra “Wicked” rank above that. Once you attain this rank, it's yours to keep until the season ends. Every season has its own leader board and winning it makes you the number 1 in the world gaining the recognition from all other players in the game including your friends!


Play with friends

Regardless of your rank you can compete against your friends and show them how it’s done. Private matches have no effect on your rank but they’re fun and create an awesome bond between you and your friends. You can share your rank with your friends via social media and get their recognition as “The One And Only”!

Endless variety

Every month there’s a new season. Every week there’s a new map. New obstacles and dangerous traps are added regularly so the variety keeps you on your toes all the time! Start with the training mode and master the map. Need more training? Then simply train more because in this game, the preparation is everything!


Game Changing Abilities

Collect, store up and use the energy to activate abilities that cane make you faster, protect you or kill your opponent. Each player has its own style and each player has it's own strategy. The better you choose the more likely you win.

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