Thrill, adrenaline and intense real-time multiplayer experience. GetMeBro is a challenging platformer that will push your limits as it is a truly skill based action game. You need good reflexes but at the same time there is strategy involved in picking the right abilities. Keep in mind that your opponent comes into a match with the same goal, to WIN. In the match you are both collecting mana drops (energy points) to be able to execute your abilities. Play offensively and strike your foe down in a matter of seconds OR play defensively waiting for your opponents’ mistake. If you don’t die and you manage to outrun your enemy by a certain distance, you win.



The map is procedurally generated and same for everyone on any device. That’s how the game provides the same starting ground for each player and only your skill will separate you from losers. That sounds like it could get a bit boring and repetitive after a while. However this is where the game has its unique character. The map regenerates itself for all players every week. Winning strategies that worked have to be left behind as a newly generated map might favour a different combination of abilities. It is not trying to put you on a new starting point every week to learn something different. Every time the map changes you will benefit from the skills you learnt on the previous map and that will put you ahead of others. The focus is on the player’s ability to adapt and change their strategy. The game will keep you engaged for weeks.


The game has ranked matches which are powered by a matchmaking system that tries to find players with a similar skill level. The ranks are from 20 up to 1 where the 1 is the best. Winners of those matches are rewarded with a better global rank whereas losers might fall a bit lower. In this ranking system there are checkpoints where players gain additional rewards in terms of game currency or treasures. Each month the ranks are partially reset to keep the rankings fresh, so if you have rank 1 you will be moved to rank 10. Who had rank 10 will be moved to rank 16 and so on. This mechanic gives new players the chance to rise to the top and those who were at the top can get more goodies from ranking checkpoints again :).


To play with friends players can set up a private match. There are two types available – training and tournament. In training mode after each match players are free to change any ability they want. The tournament mode is a bit different. Players can BAN abilities they don’t want to play against and then pick the ones they favour. This allows players to disrupt their friend’s strategy and counter it with their own. It is perfect for small tournaments at home, during lunch break or wherever players fancy destroying some relationships. Game enhances this experience even more by allowing spectators in private games. Friends don’t have to lean over the shoulder, they just need to grab a big tablet or a TV and join the fun.


Players can collect and combine different outfits to reassemble themselves as survivors of tomorrow. Outfits don’t provide any additional boosts or stats. Some of them might give you a badass visuals but that’s it. They are meant to represent skill status rather than help you win. Everybody remembers those who win with some style ;)




The idea sparked in mid-2015 between two friends. They really liked the concept and developed first testing version in August the same year. After iterating testing version with their friends they decided to develop a full game. In 2016 they got into finals of a BIG INDIE PITCH and also won 1st prize in an indie competition. May 2016 public BETA was released in certain locations over Europe. Developers kept improving the game and it was finally released to public on 13th of February 2017.


The music for the game was composed by Peter Dobsinsky.